Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deceptive vs. Expressive

Having read that article, The Truth About Lying by Joseph Kertes, in class last Tuesday before you had read the part of The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien that it discussed, did you find that you enjoyed reading that part less? Or did it actually make you like it more?

I actually think I appreciated that chapter of the story even more. Knowing that it was tweaked and molded to fit into the tale the way O'Brien wanted made me feel like the story was crafted more tactfully. I could appreciate the great amount of thought and artistry he put forth to keep his emotion from being subdued or even lost in translation. Personally, the creative freedom taken made it seem more like a work of art and less like a historical recounting of events. Both have purpose, but Art is more crafty. It better illustrates the level of the author's story-telling skill. He knows what needs to be included in a story to captivate his audience and how to leave a lasting impact on them. He knows how to express his emotions in a way that some might consider deceptive, but I found forgivable, and even understandable, in this particular context.

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