Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is James A Mendacious Rogue?

James has endured turbulent times.  His father, to whom he felt most connected, is worm food.  His mother is worried, fearful, and finds the actions of her son perplexing.  James has a proclivity to spread elaborate falsehoods.  There are myriad explanations for his actions, but the only unequivocally veritable source is the kid himself.  However, giving credence to the words of a known liar isn't a trait humans possess.  That would be going against the laws of our biology.  As the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."  James may have an "adrenaline rush" which flows through his veins.  Proffering elaborate falsities may, subconsciously, trigger a biological function which makes James feel good, relaxed, etc.  James may simply like telling lies to procure certain reactions and attention.  James may simply be a magnanimous young kid who wants to shield his mother from the pain from which he thought she'd suffer if she knew the truth about the location of her husband's death.  However, James' erroneous assertions about his Tibetan excursions, in particular, squash this theory.  He is a kid who tells random lies.  In some instances, it produces an intended effect, but, ultimately, his lies lead to more problems.  He knows this, yet he continues to tell lies; therefore, some may believe he has a type of imbalance within his brain.  I believe he's a kid who likes the attention his shenanigans elicit and that, in time, he'll see what he's done isn't conducive to friendships, relationships, business, education, et al, and he will reform accordingly.

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