Monday, April 18, 2011

Atonement Prompts

Here are some questions to think about for tomorrow. I would enjoy reading responses to any of them.

1. Cecelia's last words to Robbie-words she repeats in her letters--are "I'll wait for you. Come back." "Come back" are also the words Cecelia whispered to Briony when the latter was a very young girl, when she would waken from a nightmare (see page 41). Do you see a connection?

2. Why does Part I have chapters when the rest of the book doesn't?

3. There are several places in the reading that mention literature or storytelling. How are these significant? (Please use at least one example.)

4. Discuss the scene where Robbie and Nettle catch the pig (240-41). Compare this scene to something from another book we have read. What can it be compared to?

5. Why do you think Robbie has such a hard time putting the leg out of his mind? What might the leg symbolize?

See you tomorrow.

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