Monday, April 4, 2011

Connection and Disconnection

Books are never one hundred percent factual. Period. I do not care who the author is; some of their information has to be made up. That being said, Lauren is depicting her life perfectly. Who lives their life understanding everything around them? Lauren clearly had a broken relationship with her mother while struggling mental health issues. Whether or not her epilepsy is true it illustrates the mother daughter bond brilliantly. Part one the seizures are the way Lauren connects with her mom. She is consistently nervous about her mother at one point she repeats to her self “please, God please, God let her like this” (12). Her mother’s emotions with Lauren are sporadic and inconsistent just like seizure attacks. Though her mother acts as if Lauren is beneath her, she is jealous of the ability Lauren has to become everything her mother is not.

However at age thirteen Lauren’s seizures change rapidly, and become the main disconnect between the two. During this age Lauren no longer seems to care what her mother thinks and instead begins looking to fill the hole she has been left with, by having nurses and doctors cater to her the way her mother should be caring for her. Her mother, the woman who once denied the allowance of Lauren to consume medication, agrees to a brain surgery. After the surgery Lauren no longer has seizures but she still longs for her mother and acts out with lying and stealing. The note from Patricia Robinson, P.T on page 98 suggests that Lauren will continue to struggle with her mental illness the rest of her life, which foreshadows that she will also struggle with the relationship with her mother as well.

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