Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cautious Apprehension

After reading The Things They Carried, I certainly did approach The Life of Pi differently than I typically would have approached most books. Not to say that Tim O'Brien has left me with a sense of paranoia about literature as a hole. If The Life of Pi had just been a random book that I picked out in a library of my own accord, I don't think I would have looked for signs of deceit in it. Although, because it was a book assigned for this course in particular, I did find myself questioning parts and pieces of the novel. I know our entire class is meant to cover the idea of truth and lies in literature. I feel like it would have been foolish not to go into the book with a bit of skepticism. However, this skepticism did not distract me from the story itself. It did not make me so preoccupied in trying to decided which parts may have been fiction and which might have been fact. My main focus while reading was still figuring out the story that was being told itself, and depicting truth from possible lies was more of just an afterthought for me.

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