Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Um, yeah... I loved the book -- maybe. What happened?

The end of this book was awful or great and both but maybe not. The first thing that bothered me is that Richard Parker left! He just ran off. I could feel how upsetting that was for Pi. But then as I read part three of the book and start laughing at the interview process and shortly after find out that the whole story is bullshit (I use this word because it expresses the emotion best). Then I was greatly disgusted and mortified at the true story and did not even want to hear it. I wished I had not. As I finish up the book I feel very puzzled trying to figure out what did happen, what does matter and doesn't matter and why do I care so much? I really don't like my emotions pulled around in so many different ways but at the same time I admire the ability of a writer to do it.

I think Richard Parker is not all of Pi, only a part of him, a part that Pi was having to tame while going through this horrible experience. I have not fully figured out what part yet. It might be a vilent angery part that wanted to kill the cook, or fearfull part of Pi that would only kill him if he let it control him. I am still in the thinking process on this.

Overall I am not sure I could recomened this book without warning labels all over it! But I think I liked it -- sometimes or not -- maybe.

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